THE Open Forum in 2011 at Lakeland had an excellent turn out with 35 people attending. A variety of speakers were invited to present on relevant topics to Cape York residents. Ray Plasto from the Department of Main Roads gave an update on the Peninsula Development Road and other access roads in Cape York.

Bob Frazer from Cape York Natural Resource Management provided a general update and explained that the purpose of the organisation is to provide a balanced approach to the protection of the regions natural heritage and make linkages between economic and community development and the environment.

Geoff Milgate from the Department of Employment Economic Development and Innovation provided information on their current projects with Cape York Sustainable Futures. Lyn Wallace and Bruce Wannan from the Department of Environment and Resource Management spoke about the proposed World Heritage listing for Cape York Peninsula.

Ben Jones from CYSF gave a project update on the Cape York Turtle Conservation project and the recent Milman Island Hawksbill Turtle Conservation study. John Hardaker from Agforce talked about their role. They look at legislation and policies that may adversely impact on agriculture. The organisation develops policies and submits these to government and has recently been involved in the cyclone recovery.

Peter Inderbitzen spoke about our rural communities, their resilience and the need for economic sustainability not just for the environment.

If you are interested in further information about any of the presentations or information or about the upcoming Cape York Sustainable Futures Open Forums phone 40532856 or go to:

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