As Part of ‘Weed Buster Week’ South Cape York Catchments (SCYC) joined with Cape York Weeds and Feral Animal Program (CYWAFAP) staff to assist ten Indigenous Conservation Land Management students with their ‘remote area weed management’ practical course component.

The focus weed was Lantana (Lantana camera). Not only did the students learn weed control techniques but they also controlled over half a hectare of Lantana at the Scrubby Creek wildlife corridor site. The students learnt the basal bark method of Lantana control where a small amount of the chemical is applied to the first 30cm of each of the lower stems.

Basal barking has a number of benefits compared to sprays that cover the leaves like Roundup Weedkiller, including using less chemicals and not killing native species growing underneath or around the weed. This is particularly important in environmentally sensitive areas.

While SCYC and the Nyungkal Rangers have removed over 12 ha of Lantana from the Wildlife Corridor site at Scrubby Creek. It is important to conduct follow up inspections after control works have been completed to ensure that no plants have been missed. With the help of the students we were able to conduct a thorough search and ensure Lantana had been fully controlled along the wildlife corridor site.

Lantana is one of twenty Weeds of National Significance, listed due to its high level of invasiveness and severe impacts across the pastoral, agricultural, tourist, and natural environments. If left unchecked Lantana has the potential to invade over 35 million ha of Australia’s environment.

If you would like to stop the spread of Lantana (or any other weed), on your property, or learn about the latest control techniques; weed control fact sheets are available from the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries by ph (132523) or web site: or call into the CYWFAP, Landcare and SCYC office at the Cooktown Council depot on Charlotte Street and pick up a brochure. This project is funded by Cape York NRM

Pic of people kitted up with poison packs