By Wendy Seabrook

Cooktown Food Connect (CTFC) is a social enterprise supporting local farmers and gardeners in the production of tasty and healthy food for residents of the Cooktown region.

CTFC lists local produce from suppliers on the website weekly, making ordering easy for residents.

Prices are fair, providing an outlet and an income for local producers, and fresh, chemical-free food for our community.

Customers support the organisations and local growers through membership. This cooperative support builds resilience into the local food supply and economy.

CTFC hosts activities such as farm visits and workshops for the development of local cuisine, linking customers with the farming community in an attempt to support farmers. The organisation is looking for an increased number of chemical-free growers to meet the ever increasing demand for local supply of fresh produce.

Staff from CTFC and Leonie Wittenburg from Landcare, presented an Organic Pest and Disease Control workshop in Cooktown in April 2010. The three days of sessions skilled up participants in the identification and control of the most common pests and diseases of fruit and vegetable crops in the Cooktown region, and gave them the know how on producing a commercial organic crop.

For further information contact Wendy Seabrook on 4069 5058 or

or Andrew Hartwig, Regional Landcare Facilitator on 4069 5046, or on 0418 216 300  or by email: