The Business Navigator Steering Committee, a diverse team of industry professionals, welcomes Gayle Thomas to the Cape York NRM team in the positon of Business Navigator. 

Business navigators play an important role in providing professional support to individuals and communities on Cape York. The initiative  assists applicants in developing new business and economic proposals by enabling them to effectively navigate complex approval processes.

Gayle has owned and operated a number of businesses and is well placed to assist people to develop new business and economic opportunities. More recently Gayle was the commercial principle (owner) of Australian Tourism Network (ATN). ATN offered a broad range of business services, including the development of business plans and client solutions, feasibility research and  marketing plans.

Gayle holds a Bachelor of Social Science and is completing a Master of Conflict and Dispute Resolution. She has a long involvement with the social health of Indigenous people living in Cape York and is a Board member for Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service, in the capacity of professional for social health.

Gayle said she is particularly excited to be part of the Cape York NRM team as the Business Navigator, as the positon  provides  opportunity to work in an exceptionally beautiful landscape using skills to assist and help build strong and healthy local communities.

Aspiring business people can contact Gayle at Cape York NRM on 0407 173882 or at:

Members of the BNI Steering Committee: Dick Foster - Chair; Dr Steve Burroughs - Private consultant specialising in remote indigenous community work;  David Hudson -specialist in Indigenous tourism; Colin Ford - business development, management and Indigenous engagement; Andrew Kerr - Lawyer specialising in land tenure and business law; John Goodwin - community dector banking and community development financial institution pilot and Indigenous development.

PIC Left to Right: David Hudson, Dr Steve Burroughs, Directors of Cape York NRM Joseph Elu, Dick Foster and Desmond Tayley, Bob Frazer CEO Cape York NRM, Colin Ford, Andrew Kerr.