By Gavin Bassini, Operations Manager, Lama Lama Rangers

A number of years ago, our old people worked with State Development and local Community Development Employment Project (CDEP) teams to install  Welcome to Country signs at the bottom of the range on the road to Port Stewart.  This important signage marked one of the boundaries of Lama Lama Country.

After many years of working for achieve ownership and regaining access to our lands, our old people chose the location and the wording for these signs.  The purposeful wording, welcomed travelers to our country and requested visitors to respect our land and connections.

In 2012, the welcome signs were severely defaced. This act of vandalism offended Elders and the community and was considered an act of  disrespect to the many years of work put in to regaining legal access and recognised connection to our country.

The Lama Lama Rangers work on a number of cultural and natural resource management projects and activities across our traditional lands.  In 2013 the Sea Country Patrols and Scientific Research Programs were introduced.

Rangers will patrol our lands and seawaters regularly. Anyone who is found damaging our resources and land will be prosecuted.

People wishing to visit Lama Lama country are required to request permission to do so from the Coen or Port Stewart Ranger offices.

We welcome all well intentioned visitors to our country.