Longterm Pormpuraaw identity, Nigel Hall, set about satisfying the needs of a growing market, when he identified a demand for a vehicle recovery, towing and general transport service in central Cape York.  As a result the new business, Cape York Towing Service Pluss was initiated.

 Nigel and his partner, Josephine Coleman have approached hard slog  of taking the business from the good idea to the up and running stage with plenty of patience.

Initially Nigel heard about the Cape York Natural Resource Management’s Business Navigator Initiative (BNI) and made contact with Kim MacDonald, the program's contractor.

Kim drove the 580km from Weipa to Pormpuraaw to meet Nigel and discuss business support.  

There have been more than 30 reported rollovers on the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR) so far this tourist season, with most accidents due to inexperienced self-drive tourists attempting the long, dusty and often rough sections of the road.  

After experiencing the PDR first hand and observing accidents along the way, Kim had no doubt that Nigel’s proposed service was much needed, and his business case was strong.

Nigel had developed much of the enterprise planning, operating budget and costs. While mainstream funding organisations were slow to respond to this enterprise proposal, the Queensland Government’s Business and Economic Support Initiative recognised merit in his plan.  Funding Cape York Towing Service Pluss is a great result of the strong relationship between Cape York NRM and the State Government, since BNI was initiated in 2011.

Nigel's main target markets are local residents and their communities, cattle properties, and the steadily growing self-drive tourist market. Based on the last  Federal Government census, there has been a more than 50 percent increase in tourist numbers travelling to the Cape by motor vehicle, annually.

Many travelers are not prepared for the unusual and demanding road conditions and an increasing number of vehicle accidents and incidents involving trailers and caravans has been recorded.

 Nigel Hall and Josephine Coleman’s business is ready to rescue those travellers.  The service has minimal competition and is driven by the following dependablility rather than price.  

Nigel stives for:

  • Reliability
  • Feedback from end-users and other customers
  • Quality of work performed
  • Ability to turn over work and provide services quickly
  • Ability to handle a large workload
  • Capacity to implement safety is paramount to the business
  • Backup support available day and night
  • Stranded vehicle occupants are able to be taken to a place of safety quickly
  • Safety is placed at the forefront of the business
  • The service will include providing water and basic foods

Benefits flow ons include establishing business links with local tradespeople and providing outreach transport services to surrounding remote communities, cattle properties, outstations, mining contractors, road gangs and  local enterprises such as roadhouses.

Cape York Towing Service Pluss will be fully operational in August.