A fire management workshop was held at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, which is managed by rangers Barry and Shelley Lyon.

Shelley said it was fabulous to see people come from all over connect and share knowledge.

“This is a great venue for the workshop.

We’ve being using traditional practices to burn here since Australia Zoo took over, so it’s a great place to showcase traditional burning practices,” Shelley said.

“We work closely with the Taepithiggi mob, offering employment and sharing knowledge and resources,” she said.

Shelley stated that she is always hungry to learn and looked forward to acquiring knowledge from the workshop.

“People will be able to improve their fire management practices from a workshop like this.

"And this is a fitting place for a workshop.

Steve (Irwin), had a great respect for Traditional Owners and fire management practices, and was always devastated by the effects of hot fire on animals and country, so he’d be really happy this is happening,” she said.