BRENDON attended the Hann River workshop in 2009, and broadened the knowlege gleaned form that experience, through attending the 2014 workshop.

Last year, Brendon applied his acquired fire knowledge when he held a workshop in his regional community, in  Albury-Wodonga.  Peta-Marie Standley, of Cape York NRM, accompanied by  Cape York fire specialists, Joel Ngalametta, Sharon Ngalametta, and Dawn Koondumbin from Aurukun, and Muen Lifu from Injinoo, supported Brendon's workshop, supported Brendon's workshop by sharing fire knowledge with the particpants from the southern states. These Traditional Owners denonstrated the univerisal value in application of traditional knowledge.

Supporters of the Albury-Wodonga workshop included reknowned scientists, Honorary Research Fellow, Beth Gott, Professor Bill Gammage and Dr Fred Keeough. According to Brendon, government representatives held a new way of looking at fire, on completion of the session.  They saw fire could be effectively used to control weeds. 

“What I value about the Cape York workshops is seeing how fire works in an alternate envrionment; different climate and different country,” Brendon said.

“Here people talk the talk, and walk the walk. It will be sad to leave, when the old fellas (spirits), are reaching out and grabbing us and looking after us while we are here.

According to Brendon a lot of bad stuff happened down south because people were taken off country.

"My great-great grandmother was last the of Keewong mob to speak the language.

That makes it important for young men to take on responsibility to people and country.

When I get home, I will be telling my kids the stories from here,” he said.