Wendy Seabrook from Cooktown Food Connect attended the RegenAg Holistic Management Course on Holistic Grazing Techniques at Jervoise Station, Greenvale in 2011.

Holistic Management is an animal and land management practice that mimics nature in order to simultaneously benefit grazing stock and biodiversity. Graziers across the world have discovered that under a holistic management regime,  herd production can be improved, while improving water and environmental mineral cycles.

This type of grazing management is considered to be the single most beneficial technique for restoring profits and biodiversity to independent grazing operations.

“It was an excellent course; pioneering stuff, designing grazing systems that acknowledge the co-evolution of grasses with the behavior of wild herbivores,” Ms Seabrook said.

There is less impact on the health of the land where holistic grazing processes are implemented. The ecosystem benefits while an increased number of cattle is maintained. 

“Research has shown that herds naturally grazed intensively for short periods of time and when graziers mimic this natural order, land health and productivity is positively impacted.”

Ms Seabrook said she had already started to share and implement the knowledge she had acquired from the workshop, on her farm.

“I will hold a workshop at Hill Top Farm in the next couple of months, when I am able to demonstrate some of the techniques," she said.

Ms Seabrook thanked the team at Cape York NRM for the sponsorship to attend. http://regenag.com/web/upcoming-courses/all-courses/categoryevents/2-hol...

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