Anyone with an interest in natural and cultural resources on Cape York can now access a world of knowledge with the click of a mouse.

Cape York NRM's Atlas was launched in April of 2016. It's a collection of online sites will take you to your area of interest: whether it be how to build a dam; what Country plans are available on Cape York; how to kill sicklepod; or what's happening with your threatened species of interest.

Whether you're interested in mapping, a Traditional Owner, a grazier or a climate scientist, we reckon you'll find something for you on our site. We'll be bringing together a wide range of information aimed to help with the planning and practice of natural resource management on Cape York.

The Atlas is also the platform for Cape York NRM's planning into the future. We aim to bring you lots of information and data, with the permission of the many groups and people on Cape York who have already undertaken masses of work in this area. The collection of this information is also helping us to find where the major gaps are for Cape York. We will then be able to target government funding where it is needed most.

If you have information you would like to share with the world on its wide web, please give us a call.

This work is funded by the Australian Government's NRM Planning for Climate Change programme.