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Cape York NRM Newsletter Archive


An archive of Cape York NRM Newsletters before the migration to an online system.

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Healthy Country 5: Cape York NRM Annual General Meeting

1.17 MB

This newsletter is the fifth Cape York Healthy Country newsletter to be released by Cape York Natural Resource Management, being released only a month after its predecessor. The articles contained inside focus on a number of NRM related events, circumstances, and general information directed wholey at the people of the Cape York Peninsula. Two articles on weed control can be found in the Newsletter, one focusing on the actions of Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals program in eradicating Rubber Vine over the containment line at the time, the other focused on the practical course component of a 'remote area weed management' course where students learned the basal bark method of Lantanna control as part of Weed Buster Week with South Cape York Catchments. An article on sediment run off and the formation of alluvial gullies on the Cape looks at potential monitoring and real world management practices for landholders dealing with alluvial gulleys. As part of South Cape York Catchment's and Cooktown State School's Scientist's in Schools program secondary school students were taken into the field to undertake various studies including pest fish surveys, water quality monitoring, and wildlife surveys. This newsletter contains an article on page 5 elaborating on the work of South Cape York Catchments and the Cooktown State School's Scientist's in Schools program from July 2007 to Octoer 2011.


Healthy Country 26: Planning for Healthy Country

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Across Cape York, land and sea managers are carrying out great projects everyday. In this edition we focus on the planning that is going on in the background for these projects to take place.


Healthy Country 14: Land and Sea

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Issue 14 of the Healthy Country newsletter covers numerous aspects of land and sea management on the Cape York Peninsula.

This issue includes articles on the call for fire plans from graziers in the North, research into sediment sources in the Normanby catchment, pest weed and animal management, and protecting cattle from potential heavy metal contamination in water supplies.


Healthy Country 15: People and Place

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Issue 15 of Cape York Natural Resource Management's healthy country newsletter looks at the people, places, and organisations in the Cape York Peninsula at the time.

The articles look at the review of the draft Normanby River Water Quality Management Plan, improvements to Cape York's turtle conservation measures, why marine debris need to be cleaned of the northern beaches, and knowledge sharing and monitoring at mapoons turtle camp. The final pages of Issue 15 looks at numerous organisations operating in the Cape York Peninsula and their actions in the Cape York Peninsula.


Healthy Country 16: Seasons Greetings

2.22 MB

After another long year Issue 16 of Healthy Country newsletter was realeased in December 2013, offering a seasons greetings to all readers.

Issue 16 looks at numerous natural resource management and conservation efforts around the Cape such as the consideration of world heritage listing for certain areas of the Cape York Penininsula and the undertaking of at the time the only inshore dolphin survey of Princess Charlotte Bay performed by JCU and the Lama Lama rangers. The Lama Lama rangers also celebrated the accredition of the Lama Lama Traditional Use of Marine Resource Agreement on July 8 2013. This issue also interviews the managers of the Steve Irwin Wildlife reserve, Barry and Shelley Lyon following the Newman goverments assurance of protection for the area, looks at a 25 kilometre stretch of beach between Janie Creek and Pennyfather where Mapoon rangers had been working day and night to remove debris and eliminate threats to turtle nestin, and reports how a young landcarer Ryan Jackson from Wolverton station was sent to Warwick with his mum Emma learning about the natural systems of the environment and how they work.


Healthy Country 17: A new year in NRM

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Issue 17 of the Healthy Country looks at a new year in Natural Resource Management in the Cape York Peninsula.

This issue includes articles about addressing threats to biodiversity such as late season wildfires by raising community awareness, taking a look at the State Goverment's (then) new planning process regarding the water quality of the Cape York Peninsula's water resources, and how Cape York Landcare Inc. had been making an impact to feral weed and animal populations through the distribution of spray packs, herbicide, and drip torches to pastoralists and land owners on the cape.

Among other shorter articles lies a public service announcement about correctly extinguising camp fires, and the potential devastating repurcussions of merely burying them.


Healthy Country 18

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Issue 18 of the Healthy Country Newsletter takes a look around the Cape at the Sicklepod Dilemma, the continuing rough times for Cape York's beef cattle industry, the announcemenet of the winners of the Your Climate photo competition in 2014, the development of a strategic direction for Eeipa following a meeting of the directors of the Oyala Thumotang Land Trust met over May 6-7, explanation of carbon farming on the Cape, the implementaton of healthy burning practices, and how three generations of family farming has continued at Wolverton station since its construction.


Healthy Country 19: Sustaining Water

2 MB

This issue of Healthy Country is the 19th one to be released by Cape York Natural Resource Management and focuses predominately on sustainable practices regarding water resources on the Cape York Peninsula.

Among the articles about water sustainability lies one about the 2014 Indigenous fire workshop, speaking of the successes of the over 130 strong workshop on the Steve Irwind Wildlife reserve in July.


Healthy Country 13: Protecting biodiversity

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This issue of Healthy Country looks at the Cape York Peninsula's biodiversity, as well as CSIRO's biodiversity project and what that meant for the Cape York Peninsula.

Issue 13 is packed with articles strictly regarding biodiversity on the Cape from snakes to possums through to turtles and native flora.


Healthy Country 11

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The 11th issue of Healthy Country Newsletter looks at the win against the invasive water weed Hymenachne at Keating's lagoon, the celeberation of the caring for country graduation ceremony on the 1st of December 2012, Caring for country initiatives undertaken at Jajikal-Balabay, and how regional tourism could benefit the Laura rangers in developing skills and gaining further certifications.


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