Combatting Litter and Illegal Dumping Partnerhship with UMI Arts

This project is being delivered by a collaborative partnership between Cape York Natural Resource Management and UMI Arts with the goal of instilling awareness of the effects and creating a personal sense of responsbility within the community of littering and illegal dumping.

Targeting and educating perpetrators of littering and dumping, community members, visitors and the general public across Cape York about the impact these issues have on their envorinment.

Contributions to the Cape York NRM Healthy Country Newsletter are welcome

Articles are invited for submission in Cape York NRM’s Healthy Country Newsletter. The newsletter is distributed to over 2000 people and organisations, providing the opportunity to share Cape York’s natural resource management practices far and wide.

The newsletter reaches Cape York NRM members, government organisations and funding partners, land and sea managers, Traditional Owners, other NRM bodies, graziers, farmers, businesses, tourism bodies, conservation groups and the general public.

Recycled art activities coming to Weipa

Students from Mapoon and Western Cape College will learn about environmental management through the creation of art works from recycled rubbish and will exhibit their work at the upcoming Weipa Fishing Classic.

The Cape Create Crew, is an initiative of Cape York Natural Resource Management and UMI Arts, through the Combating Litter & Illegal Dumping Creatively on Cape York Project.

Cape Create - Transforming Trash LitterED Environmental Arts Project

Cape Create – Transforming Trash LitterEd Environmental Arts project will create art works and sculptures using recycled rubbish in an educational awareness program designed for major events and schools in areas where illegal dumping or littering are particularly evident on Cape York. Once this Program is designed and implemented we envision that it can be rolled out in other regions.

We're investing in Cape York's future land and sea managers

Cape York NRM is proud to sponsor the Year 10 Conservation and Land Management award at Western Cape College and the Year 10 Environmental Excellence award at Cooktown State School.

Cape York NRM's Chairperson and Director of Primary Industries Sector, Emma Jackson, presented Western Cape College student Moesha Ling with the Conservation and Land Management award at the ceremony in Weipa last Thursday.  

Below:  Moesha Ling Photo:  Western Cape College