Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGRMG)


Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGRMG) is a key partner for Cape York NRM.  A current MOU stongly links the organisations in the common aim of working together to achieve greater outcomes for the combined Gulf and Cape Regions.

This Consultancy with Firescape Science, establishes initial fire plans and supporting maps to commence a process of annual fire planning and implementation for the following properties: Astrea, Yaraden, Holroyd, Strathburn, Crystalvale and Bamboo. Land managers from the Cape York NRM Region have expressed interest in developing fire management plans in a coordinated manner.
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Consultants Firescape Science will produce map products that enable property managers to assess their eligibility and the potential economic returns for engaging in the Carbon Farming Initiative. The base map will cover the entire eligible area north of the 600mm rainfall isohyet.
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This project worked with Cape York Nature Refuge Landholders to provide support to develop and submit on-ground conservation project applications for funding under Northern Gulf Resource Management Groups project 'Building Resilient Landscapes- Maintaining and Enhancing Biodiversity Values

This project is enabling training support to the Ayapathu Rangers for monitoring the effectiveness of their lantana control project 'Protecting Balclutha (Lava Hill) Nature Refuge'.

This project is focused on engagement with Nature Refuge landholders to improve fire management across 5 Nature Refuges through the implementation of property level fire management plans, supporting on-ground implementation of the plan and providing support for attendance and training at an

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This investment is hosting a Project Officer, the Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance Coordinator.