Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers


The Land and Sea Program is one of the programs under the repsonsibility of the Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council.  

Under a strong partnership with traditional owners involved with the Old Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation, the program is carried out on the traditional lands of Tjungundji, Yupungathi Warrangku, Taepithiggi, Thanakwith and Mpakwithi peoples. 

The Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers commenced operation in 2008, continuing tirelessly to look after their community, culture and country.  Rangers are based at the Jean Jimmy Land and Sea Centre, managing 183,000 ha of Mapoon Deed of Grant of Land in Trust (DOGIT) lands, spread along 80km of coastline over three major river catchments. 

Contributing with an amazinigly diverse set of skills, the Rangers are involved in marine turtle monitoring and protection, weed and feral animal control, wetland conservation, the re-introduction of traditional fire management techniques and the development of a database, ghost net and marine debris removal, and mapping traditional knowledge and geographic information.

The Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers are a founding member group of the Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance and play a key role in reducing threats to vulnerable and endangered marine turtles nesting on the west coast of Cape York Peninsula. 

Mapoon smashes Cape thong record

14 Mar 2013

An incredible number of thongs or flip flops - 7154 to be exact- have been removed from Mapoon beaches, smashing a record set last year of 4696 removed from Chili Beach, on Cape York's eastern seaboard.

The Wenlock Management Catchment Group Inc. is a not-for-profit group established to give voice to the Wenlock River.

This project forms part of a broader pest management program delivering on a strategy of integrated aerial and on-ground feral pig control measures.

NRM Topic:
The Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance (WCTTAA) represents an agreement between land and sea managers from Pormpuraaw, Napranum, Mapoon and Northern Peninsula Area, to work together for the protection of marine turtles along the west coast of Cape York.