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Mulong is an community film consultancy company based in Cairns and has been developed from over twenty years of practical experience.

Mulong is unique in delivering services that specialise in combining film making and digital visual arts with its community and environmental based consultancy services. Mulong has long term quality relationships and experience with many communities and agencies, with developed methodologies of applying indigenous and community knowledge into the contemporary challenges of todays changing world. Managed by Victor Steffensen the service specialises in unique methods of working with communities to deliver quality projects weather in education, community well being, environmental management, and drama or documentary films. © MULONG PTY LTD 2011

The 2017 National Indigenous Fire Workshop will be hosted by the Balnggarrawarra Gaarraay Traditional Owners at Melsonby, Cape York July 3rd- 7th 2017.
NRM Topic:
Training and mentoring will be provided with Traditional Ecological Knowledge with Indigenous and non-Indigenous land managers in East Coast catchments on fire management practices. This training will include mapping and monitoring training with four Indigenous organisations, development of relevant monitoring tools for East Coast fire management and data collection to document on-ground management.
NRM Topic:
The annual Cape York Indigenous Fire Workshop brings many communities as well as multiple agencies and organisations together to help teach them about fire, how they can progress the methodologies used in their own regions for managing fire, and facilitate sharing the knowledge and practices of individuals and organisations between one another.
NRM Topic:
The Indigenous Fire Workshop for 2015 marks the seventh year of fire workshops on Cape York. This project with Mulong Pty Ltd will conduct the fire management workshop at Mary Valley in 2015 and provided support for the delivery with the logistical requirements that make this event a success

This project aimed to support Indigenous people on Cape York to share stories from Indigenous Elders and groups related to climate change and adaptation strategies, from their own worldview. The project produced high-definition film clips of Indigenous people of Cape York.

This project partnered with Mulong Pty Ltd to conduct a fire management workshop on Steve Irwin Wildlife Sanctuary (or other suitable location) over five days in July 2014. The project built on Indigenous fire knowledge into land management on Cape York and beyond.

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The Living Knowledge Place is a community driven online education site that show cases our culture, country, and aspirations towards the future of our environment and wellbeing.

This project sought to continue the trial of traditional fire management techniques on Kins Plain's in order to halt the overtaking of weeds and exotic grasses on the property with the continued expressed permission of the property owners Darryl and Linda Paradise.
NRM Topic:

This project extended the coverage of traditional fire management practices across Cape York Peninsula, both during this activity and beyond the project timeframe. The project contributed to the Caring for Our Country target ' to expand traditional fire management regimes across at least 200 00 sq km's of northern Australian savannas by 2013.