Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change in the Cape York NRM Region


Cape York NRM has adoped a socio-ecological systems approach towards development of an NRM plan that considers the distinctive cultural and social landscapes of Cape York. Ongoing community consultation confirms that it is "time for implementation" hence the process involves "planning by doing" engagement strategies, integratation of past and current synthesised studies and relevant plans, and recent environmental accounts conducted on Cape York. Outcomes will be an adaptive planning approach that produces community engagement in building a multi-media atlas that includes tools for ongoing monitoring against environmental accounts; and a compendium of planning, research and case studies highlighting available information and practice in adapting to climate change. This project delivers a regional NRM plan that properly addresses the Program Principles, including climate change adaptation and mitigation components relevant for the Cape York NRM region. Engagement with the Cape York community through the ‘Your Climate’ project is through one-on-one interviews and engagements, events and video shoots. The Spatial Carbon Prioritisation Framework subproject workshops identify relevant datasets and critically analyse them for use a carbon prioritisation tool. The planning process committed to the principle of being logical, comprehensive, and transparent. The planning process involves the collation and cataloguing of plans across Cape York, to build a ‘Who Plans Here’ site for public access and to complete a synthesis of existing plans for developing a robust NRM plan and investment strategy. Cape York NRM has continued to engage in National Stream 2 projects, wet tropics and monsoon cluster groups and NRM stream 1 planning workshops to share process and learning through identifying opportunities for efficiencies in delivery.

This analysis strategy identified a process and framework for examining data collated by Cape York Natural Resource Management to assist in the development of their adaptive planning process and development of the ATLAS portal.

This project facilitates and develops a carbon prioritisation spatial framework for Cape York, for current and future use.

NRM Topic:
Cape York NRM is adapting a socio-ecological systems approach towards development of an NRM plan that considers the distinctive cultural landscapes of Cape York.