Natural Heritage Trust


The Natural Heritage Trust was set up by the Commonwealth Government in 1997 with the passing of the Natural Heritage Trust Act 1997. The purpose of the Natural Heritage Trust was to allocate funding on a regional, community, and state/national level to Natural Resource Management organisations until 2008 when the activities of the Natural Heritage Trust became included under the responsiblity of Caring for Our Country. 

Blue, Fin and Sei Whale recovery plan 2005-2010

This plan was released by the Department of Environment and Heritage and Natural Heritage Trust outlining the measures necessary to protect the endnagered Blue Whale and vulnerable Sei Whale and Fin Whale.
Published: Mar 2005

Recovery plan for threatened seabirds

This plan attempted to improve the conservation status of ten species of Sea Birds by protecting and effectively managing breeding and foraging habitats and ensuring that threats such as pest flora and fauna dont prevent population growth.
Published: Mar 2005

Whale Shark recovery plan 2005-2010

The whale shark is the world's largest fish and one of only three filter feeding shark species, it was listed as vulnerable in 2001 under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC).
Published: Mar 2005

National Multi-species Recovery Plan for the Carpentarian Antechinus Pseudantechinus mimulus, Butler’s Dunnart Sminthopsis butleri, and Northern Hopping-mouse Notomys aquilo 2004-2008

This plan was published in 2004 by the Natural Heritage Trust with the intention of halting the decline of the populations of three threatened marsupials: the Carpentarian Antechinus, Butler’s Dunnart, and the Northern Hopping-mouse.
Published: Mar 2004

Recovery plan for the Golden Shouldered Parrot Psephotus chrysopterygius 2003-2007

The Golden Shouldered Parrot is a small granivore known for nesting inside termite mounds and at the time of this plan's development was restricted to just two small populations in central Cape York Peninsula.
Published: Mar 2002

Recovery plan for cave dwelling bats, Rhinolophus philippinesis, Hipposideros semoni, and Taphozous troughtoni 2001-2005

In 2001 Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and the Australian Natural Heritage Trust released a recovery plan for three species of cave dwelling bat; Rhinolophus philippinesis, Hipposideros semoni, and Taphozous troughtoni.
Published: Mar 2001

Recovery plan for the stream-dwelling rainforest frogs of the wet tropics biogeographic region of north-east Queensland 2000–2004

This plan was released in 2001 by the Natural Heritage Trust and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service with the ultimate goal of improving the conservation status of particular species of stream dwelling rainforest frogs within the Wet Tropics.
Published: Mar 2001

Recovery plan for the northern bettong Bettongia tropica 2000-2004

The Northern Bettong has been classified as endangered under the Queensland Nature Conservation regulation 1994 for some time and thus this plan was produced by the Natural Heritage Trust, Queensland Environmental Protection Agency, and Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service in 2001 in an
Published: Jan 2001