Queensland Government


The Queensland Government supports Regional NRM organisations through a number of different departments and funding programs. 

Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing:

  • Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program

Department of Natural Resources and Mines:

  • Cape York NRM Regional Base Level Investment 2012-2013.
  • Bioregional Assessment Project
  • Core Operating 2013-2014
  • Cape York NRM 2013-16 Queensland Regional Natural Resource Management Investment Program
  • Water Quality Improvement Plan 2014-2015

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. QLD Government (formerly Department of Environment and Resource Management)

  • Establishing WIld Rivers Indigenous Reference Groups
  • Wild Rivers Business and Economic Support Initiative

Succession planning grants now available for Queensland producers

30 Mar 2017

Queensland producers now have access to grants of up to $2500 to help tackle family business and succession planning thanks to the Queensland Government.

Flood ready ... flood safe

20 Jan 2017

These ‘Flood ready … flood safe’ factsheets are a helpful guide and information source to help landholders prepare for, and cope with, floods. They were developed by the Regional Groups Collective with funding from the Queensland Government.

Government agrees to all Reef Taskforce recommendations

18 Aug 2016

The Queensland Government has agreed or agreed in principle with all 10 recommendations from the Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce.

Recycled art activities coming to Weipa

06 Jun 2016

Students from Mapoon and Western Cape College will learn about environmental management through the creation of art works from recycled rubbish and will exhibit their work at the upcoming Weipa Fishing Classic.

State government calling for submissions

27 May 2016

Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines is holding public information sessions across the plan area to provide further information on the statement of proposals and the commencement of the water planning process. 

Aurukun waterways wetland and coastal draft management plan 2009 (draft)

This draft plan was the product of a contract between Wik Projects and the Department of Natural Resources and Water, created on behalf of the Natural Heritage Trust. This report focuses predominately on the experiences and aspirations of Wik, Wik Way, and Kuugu people.
Published: Apr 2016

Strategy for Delivering Water Resource Management in Cape York

This strategy identifies short term and long term actions that will enhance opportunities for future access to water resources for agriculture, tourism and other industries in a responsible way.
Published: Jun 2015
Type: Reference Document

Cape York Peninsula Heritage Act 2007

An Act to provide for the identification of the significant natural and cultural values of Cape York Peninsula, and cooperative and ecologically sustainable management of Cape York Peninsula.
Published: Oct 2014
Type: Reference Document

Cape York Regional Plan

Published by the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning . The plan identifies and interprets the state’s interests in land use planning and development, as described in the State Planning Policy, for the Cape York region.
Published: Aug 2014
Type: Reference Document

Cape York Regional Plan

The Cape York Regional Plan is one of the Queensland Government's newest regional plans regarding the Cape York Peninsula, set out to identify and interpret the state's best interests in land use planning and development regarding Cape York.
Published: Aug 2014

Queensland Globe

Managed by the Queensland Government, this facility offers a wide range of data through a catalog that is accessed in the Google Warth platform. Users must have Google Earth installed. They download a special-purpose globe.kml file and open it in their local Google Earth installation.
Published: Jan 2014
Type: Dataset

Reef Water Quality Protection Plan 2013

Reef Plan is a joint commitment of the Australian and Queensland governments. The plan is a collaborative program of coordinated projects and partnerships designed to improve the quality of water in the Great Barrier Reef.
Published: Jul 2013
Type: Reference Document

Coastal Management Plan

The Coastal Management Plan is prepared under the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995 (Coastal Act) to describe how the coastal zone of Queensland is to be managed.
Published: Jan 2013
Type: Reference Document

Cape York Peninsula & Torres Strait Tourism Development Action Plan 2008 - 2011

The Cape York Peninsula and the Torres Strait are recognised as two of the most spectacular and culturally important tourism regions in Queensland and an important point of difference for the Queensland tourism industry.
Published: Jan 2008
Type: Reference Document

Great Artesian Basin resource operations plan

The Great Artesian Basin resource operations plan was released by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and water in Feburary 2007. It forms part of a water planning process that intends to ensure water resources in the Great Artesian Basin are maintained for future generations.
Published: Feb 2007