This project is to construct a bio-fertiliser factory on farm.
Bio-ferts are fermented fertilisers that utilise a fermentation process to multiply microbes and then use microbes to digest fertilizer to make it more available for plant uptake and also reduces fertilizer leaching. Bio-fert nourishes the plant and the soil, while the soil regenerates.
The target is to increase the use of biological preparations and bio-fertilizers with the aim of increasing biological diversity and density in our soil. Increased biological activity in the soil will result in healthier crops and better utilisation of resources including fertiliser and water.
Biology has been shown to increase plant health and protect against disease (see ‘Bacillus-Based Biological Control of Plant Diseases’ by Cawoy, et. Al.). The broad scale use of live biology and bio-ferts on crops will improve quality and reduce chemical use.

Commence date:
10 Jul 2015
Cape York NRM Zone:
Zone 4 (Southern Cape)
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