During June 2015, the “Grow Do It” – Musical Gardening Program visited Lakeland, Laura, Bloomfield and Rossville State Schools.
Students of these schools learnt about many of the interactions between microorganisms occurring in the soil in natural systems, and how to use and enhance these interactions in a garden situation. The students learnt how soil organisms recycle waste to create a closed loop and some of the ways humans can close the loop on their own organic waste streams and via this organics recycling build nutrient rich gardens.
The day was interspersed with the educational ‘soil food web’ puppet show, closed loop learning activity, worm workshop, time spent in the garden building soil and planting, recycled pot making with seed planting, educational songs and gardening related games. This culminated with a half hour interactive concert by Charlie Mgee of Formidable Vegetable Sound System.
All schools were left with a gardening resource folder covering the material learnt during the day. The schools also received Worm Cafes with worms, seedlings and compost as needed.

Feedback forms were completed by the students with comments received:

"The best part of today was gardening! This was because later on, we will get to eat the thing we grew, just like the capsicum"

Commence date:
21 Jun 2016
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Zone 4 (Southern Cape)
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