Cape York NRM Sponsorship

Cape York NRM recognises that everyone in the community has a role to play in looking after the region’s natural assets. We want to help mobilise the great ideas, skills and talents of people living in the Cape, and to encourage people to get involved.

One-off sponsorship of up to $500 is available year-round, and Cape York residents are encouraged to apply. The sponsorship is open to land and sea managers, community groups, schools, clubs, and individuals.

The sponsorship aims to support local people to engage in natural resource management (NRM) activities across the region, and to help people to take great care of Cape York’s natural assets.

Examples of eligible activities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Best practice land management activities
  • Equipment purchase – for office, event or field activities
  • Administrative support
  • Communication activities
  • Data collection/management
  • Education
  • Community engagement activities (eg. community BBQ’s, meetings, stall at a community event)
  • Projects that involve collaboration with neighbours and/or partners are encouraged, but not essential.

How to apply

Fill out and submit the form below.


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