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About Cape York NRM

Cape York Natural Resource Management (NRM) Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity, with a mission to help people work to care for the natural environment while promoting the sustainable use of natural resources in Cape York Peninsula.

Cape York NRM is staffed by a dedicated team who work with individuals, groups and communities across Cape York to care for Country, through activities that promote and support the organisation's mission.

The priorities that guide the work of the group have grown through extensive community engagement.  The organisation is involved with partnerships across Cape York, and through these relationships, implement activities based on principles of sustainable development, capacity building, project support and development, and regional coordination and planning.

Currently our staff work with land and sea managers, traditional custodians, growers, graziers and ranger groups on a wide variety of programs that enhance Cape York's wetlands and soils, and offer protection to the Great Barrier Reef environment.  Cape York NRM supports work that addresses the issue of climate change, as well as threats to the environment, culture and communities, including threatened species like sea turtles and the rare Jardine River turtle, and invasive species, such as feral pigs and weeds.